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"You know what they say about the tweaky wheel…"
September 13, 2016

School supplies. For some, those are the mecca of back to school memoirs. Fresh college-ruled paper in a three ring binder, the perfect pen, and newly sharpened pencils. It’s like getting new golf gear – you feel ready to take on the game with an arsenal of resources sure to have you on the road to pro in no time!

While we can appreciate a good ball picker-upper, swing analyzers and such, we draw the line at equipment that falls into the “gadget” category. “Then why the industry shift to ‘technology’ that allows for such things as adjusting a driver for a draw or a fade?” you ask.


Technological innovation must adhere to USGA limitations on initial ball velocity off the clubface, which has reached the margin. #wheredowegofromhere

As a result…

The golf equipment market has moved toward adjustability of lofts, axis of rotation, and face adjustments to induce fade vs. draw.

And lastly…

The development of truly performance-enhancing technology is slowing across the industry, UNLESS a manufacturer is willing to invest in truly new technology instead of tweaks.

Let’s not fall into the old adage of the tweaky wheel getting all the grease. Additions and tweaks to equipment should be limited to legitimate innovative improvements. Coates takes a more holistic approach in its club design, avoiding “gadget” concepts and focusing instead on totality of design engineered specifically to women’s performance requirements – an approach to equipment that is innovative.

Just because you could click that new mechanical pencil once, maybe twice, and can be on your way, doesn’t mean you’re not breaking your lead every third letter because you’re writing too hard. Which makes us think…

Let’s tweak the mechanics of our swing, not swing clubs with mechanics. #setyourgamefree