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"Women’s Golf. Hanging Tough. Together."
October 6, 2016

“If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” As in, if you want change, then stop doing the same thing. Right?

There are women out there who have been saying, “WE DON’T WANT WHAT WE’VE ALWAYS GOTTEN!” And the voices of the industry say, “We hear you loud and clear. Someone should really do something about that.” Coates Golf responds, “We’re on it” and “Here you go”. But still the industry pleads, “Won’t anyone do anything? Anyone? Bueller?”

The dialog goes this way for many in the industry who are bringing something truly innovative or fresh into the women’s golf market. “What you are doing is so very important. We commend and admire the investment you are making in a significant, yet typically ignored, aspect of the industry. Wow. Good luck with that. We’ll be watching. From way over here.” Maybe we took some liberties there, but that’s the gist of it.

Thank goodness for allies. We don’t love that the word “allies” conjures up this sense of us against them. To us, it really just means those who are listening to the market. Those who aren’t stuck believing that the way it’s always been is the way it should be. Those who have stood up for how they believe women should be promoted in golf. They’re out there. It’s also been interesting to discover that many of those who are shaking things up for the good of women’s golf, are not necessarily from within the industry. They are dreamers and doers who love the game, found a hole in the market, and did something about it. #thankyou

Here are fellow newer kids on the block hanging tough who we’ve enjoyed following step by step (#nkob):

1…Women’s Golf Journal. A truly beautiful, clever, relevant, and interesting publication that is filling a massive hole in the media space. #couldntloveitmore

2…Events 19. Among other things, they create opportunities for women to travel, play golf, and have other sorts of fun in beautiful places. Plain and simple. Smart.

3…Deanna Alfredo (Tee to Table). After founding a multi-million-dollar company, Deanna discovered golf and began using it for business. She turned love of the game into an opportunity to combine her cooking and writing prowess with the golf lifestyle, and she brings it to readers and followers daily. Her pictures, commentary, and recipes will motivate (and well-advise you) for travel, dining, and golf. Be ready to hit your kitchen or pack a suitcase.

4…Golf4Her. Another example of a company founded by a woman who loves the game, but is not a lifer in the golf industry, making a commitment to give women more of what they want in one place.

Like others whose efforts we admire in this niche market, from day one, our customers have been our inspiration – it’s reflected in our designs, engineering, service…everything. While it’s not the typical road to be taken in a male dominated industry, we’re excited to be blazing a trail and we know we’re not alone on this path. So to all working to shed a different light on the women’s golf market, thank you. #letsdothis