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"Women. We golf. No really, we do."
July 15, 2016

We are going to need a minute to emotionally recover from a statement in an article we happened to stumble upon this week titled What Women Need to Know to Play Better Golf, “Every woman’s iron design should be in the ultra-game improvement playability range.”

Ultra-infuriating. Every woman?

Women are not the same as men. That’s a broad generalization we can get on board with. However, a woman’s approach to the game of golf isn’t necessarily different than a man’s. Whether as a sport, social activity, business tool, or an impassioned belief that this game we love so much is actually conquerable – we golf.

There are many misconceptions about women golfers perpetuated by the market, but the quest to dispel these three is an extra dose of daily motivation for us:

Misnomer #1:

If you are a lady, you must need “ladies flex”. We have run this experiment time and again. We put our golf and physical stats into a fit wizard. We check the box for “female” and we are recommended L-Flex clubs. We enter the same exact data again except we check “male” and receive OPTIONS! Senior men’s flex, regular flex, graphite, steel. How does that possibly make sense? The “every woman” mentality strikes again and it is just not good enough. (Of course, this is also why Coates exists.)

Misnomer #2:

Women can’t take a divot. And golf courses everywhere rejoice and remove all sand bottles from carts worldwide! No. They don’t. Because that’s ridiculous, as is a generalization that a woman can’t take a divot.

Misnomer #3:

Women play slow. This accusation was actually used by members of the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers at Muirfield as a reason women should not be admitted. That’s like saying, “All men should play the tips.” See? It doesn’t make sense…and it’s annoying.

Not all golfers are the same. Women play golf. Therefore, not all women are the same golfer. This is a truth we recognize and celebrate, and it inspires our engineering. We are solely dedicated to women’s golf. All women. #setyourgamefree