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"When we say “golfer”, who comes to mind?"
July 23, 2016

A tale of two golfers…

Golfer A drives the ball 295.7 yards on average and Golfer B smashes it 282.8 yards. Golfer B’s driving accuracy is 67.6 percent, and Golfer A sits at a still impressive 58.8 percent. Golfer B is making greens in regulation a whopping 77.88 percent and at 62.3 percent, we envy Golfer A in this regard as well. Both are the second highest ranked US players on their tours – the LPGA and PGA.

Whether amateur or professional, men or women, there are great golfers and also golfers with aspirations of becoming great (aka, the rest of us). Put us side by side on paper and sometimes you can hardly differentiate between the male and female golfer. And this is where we segue…

“Golfer.” You see that word, and who comes to mind?

According to a National Golf Foundation report, there was a larger percentage of golfers under the age of 40 (47 percent) in 2015 than there were over the age of 50 (35 percent). And the highest percentage of “core golfers”? The 30-39 age group.

Is that who you pictured?

The demise of golf is reported and discussed both within and outside of the golf industry. There is positive momentum behind “growing the game”. However, it’s time to tweak the narrative. Grow the game? Absolutely. It’s just our expectations also include evolution.

Whether a beginner, seasoned amateur, or professional – and no matter your stage in the game; golf is the same for all of us. A game that feisty, classy, athletic women and girls play. Proper attention and equal respect needs to be given to those already loving the game…even when it doesn’t love us back.

Women have the greatest capacity to grow golf. So if we want more women playing the game, then let’s show more of women and girls playing the game.

And just to tie up loose ends…Golfer A is Jordan Speith and Golfer B is Lexi Thompson. Horns up!