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"We want full coverage, and it’s not what you think."
January 31, 2017

If I asked you to describe PGA Tour player’s families, would you be able to?

Many golf fans can easily name some of the important people in their lives – like Dash Day running out to hug his dad, Jason Day after a victory.

Or Earl Woods and the emotional connection between him and his son, Tiger Woods.

Maybe you even think of Dustin Johnson’s fiancé, Paulina Gretsky waiting with a hug and a kiss at the end of a great event.

Now, can you describe LPGA Tour player’s families? Certainly these talented and strong women have great support systems as well, but why do we not know more about where these women get their support?

The coverage of LPGA players is lacking depth. We here at Coates are tired of the coverage (or lackthereof) about which woman looks better in a bikini.

We want to feel connected to these strong, smart athletes. The LPGA professionals have so much more to offer than the surface level coverage that they receive. We want to hear about their families, where they come from, and what is important to them. We want to be inspired and relate to their stories.

Players on the LPGA have husbands, children, fiancés, parents, and siblings that support and care for them. It is very difficult to excel at the highest level without that team. We want to hear about their struggles and how they rose to the top in a male dominated industry. These women want to tell their stories to inspire the next generation, they should be given a platform to do so.

If we begin to humanize these athletes, the media will stop the systematic objectification and sexualization of their tour. These women are more than their beauty, what dresses they wear to pairings parties, and what they look like in a bikini. These women have depth, intelligence, and stories to tell.

Let’s listen!

– Alex Milan