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"Three Reasons Royal Troon’s Vote Matters"
July 6, 2016

We have had a week to let the good news sink in. Here’s our Coates Golf take on why Royal Troon Golf Club’s vote to extend women the opportunity to apply for membership matters:

1…It’s 2016. Royal Troon’s Club Captain Martin Cheyne is quoted as saying, “I think this means that Royal Troon Golf Club is reflecting the society in which we exist in the 21st century.” Yes. It does. Well done.

2…Golf is global. Decisions like whether or not women should be admitted to golf clubs speak volumes about the conventions of the industry worldwide. Actually, the fact that the conversation is necessary to have at all speaks volumes (see reasons number 1). Commentary about “growing the game” abounds and the segment with the greatest potential to grow the game is the female side of golf. That said, access and inclusiveness in golf is imperative. #womengolfersmatter

3…Hit your second shot first. The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers is seeking a second vote later this year in regards to Muirfield’s male-only membership policy. Its policy remained intact after a postal ballot held in May. With the example set by others on the Open rota, a vote to extend women the ability to apply for membership seemed a gimme. It wasn’t. Let’s take the two-putt and move on.

Coates Golf is challenging the narrative. Finally, performance equipment options for women are accessible. In fact, you can even demo a Coates Golf club for 14 days through our Try Coates program. Our story, full line of equipment and Try Coates options can be found at #setyourgamefree.