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"This blog is not about the hottest men in golf."
October 13, 2016

Google “women in golf”. The first 8 search results include something about beautiful, hot, stunning women golfers…and there’s an image of Tiger Woods. Riddle me that.

Trying to be somewhat understanding as to why this might be the case, we googled “men in golf”. We became less understanding.

Results in this second search included the 2016 money leaders in men’s golf, sites for college golf teams and The PGA of America, and a Golf Digest article titled, “Why Women Putt Worse Than Men”.

Is our disappointment rooted in not seeing the “men in golf” search yield an equal amount of sources for the hottest men in golf? Nope. That’s not it. It’s the media mantra that women’s golf lacks substance reinforced by their own substance-lacking content that makes the results of this little exercise unpalatable.

Sure we can change our search to try and alter the results:

“Women’s golf” Leads off with the official site of the LPGA before delving into a list of college golf sites. #thankgoodness

“Men’s golf” Yields results almost identical to “men in golf”.

“Women who golf” Offers a quick listing of dating sites for finding women who golf, followed by articles of why women should golf, don’t golf, and hate golf. #hmmmm

“Men who golf” Brings up the 2016 money leaders (a common result when searching anything related to men and golf), college golf, and Olympic golf.

“Female golf”How clinical does this search sound, right? Yet you STILL have to scroll through “beautiful, hot and sexiest” to get to content about the LPGA and Olympics.

“Male golf”Official world rankings, the Olympics, and articles advocating for all-male clubs.

What’s the solution to finding more substance?

We’re all in this together. What we tolerate, click, read, write, and follow leads to what headlines our searches. Here’s also to hoping we aren’t blaming the consumer for the content produced. You can only take in what’s dished out. Women are beautiful, fierce, fun, classy, smart, and the list goes on. We are a fascinating and diverse segment of society. In a dream scenario, the content about women in golf would be just as diverse. That’s all.

PS – Well done Nancy Berkley for coming in at number 9 in the “women in golf” search with “Important Events in the History of Women’s Golf”.