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"The sexiest women in golf. No, really."
February 13, 2017

Here at Coates, being solely dedicated to women’s golf gives us a unique perspective on what constitutes a “sexy” woman. Read on to see if you agree…

Condeleeza Rice

Condeleeza was the 66th Secretary of State, the first African-American female to ever hold that position – not to mention one of the first female members of Augusta National. Rice is a pianist, speaks English, Russian, Spanish, German, and French, and is perfectly proud of her double-digit handicap. Most recently, Condeleeza grew her involvement with the LPGA Tour when she spoke on the panel of the KPMG Leadership Conference.

Inspiring other women and crossing boundaries? Now that is what we call sexy!

Morgan Pressel

Morgan Pressel is one of the youngest players to ever qualify for the US Women’s Open and created a successful career on the LPGA Tour. But maybe more impressively, Morgan’s foundation, “The Morgan Pressel Foundation”, has raised more than five million dollars for breast cancer awareness and research and even introduced a traveling mammogram van for screenings and breast health care. The headline fundraising event each year is the “Morgan and Friends” golf tournament where Morgan is able to gather many of her LPGA peers and supporters together for one amazing cause.

Here at Coates, passion and purpose are definitely sexy!

Heather Daly-Donofrio

As Chief Communications and Tour Operations Officer for the LPGA, Heather helps coordinate tour operations and player requests from sponsors and media. Heather is responsible for many of the programs that help assimilate new players to being on tour, including rookie school and mentorship programs. As if this is not enough, she is a mom and manages to spend time with her daughter on the road utilizing the Smuckers child-care centers.

Balancing a high level executive job that helps our favorite players, while being a super mom? That makes our sexiest women list for sure!

Mollie Coates

Our own Mollie is the President of a company solely dedicated to women’s golf. Mollie has created an equipment and apparel line for sophisticated women who take their games as seriously as they take themselves. With a background in marketing strategy, Mollie chose the antelope as the symbol for Coates, it represents equality in the game; female antelopes grow horns and are identical to the males. The company’s logo is its brand identity and was hand drawn by Mollie herself.

Mollie, there is not much sexier than putting your horns up!

Tiffany Fitzgerald

After Tiffany realized that corporate America had a hidden requirement to be “in the know,” she began to take golf lessons. Shortly after beginning to play, Tiffany noticed the lack of diversity in the sport and decided to take action. In 2011, she founded Black Girls Golf to facilitate more women of color playing the game that she had grown to love.

Tiffany spends her time mentoring and growing the game for black women and girls, that is the ultimate sexy!

Tricia Corvel

Most people think that Tricia’s claim to fame is being married to country music star, Toby Keith, but she is known for so much more. After Tricia and Toby purchased a golf course outside of Oklahoma City, Tricia did something extraordinary…she decided to host a college golf tournament, for women only! Tricia had heard that the budget’s for women’s events were lower than the men’s and she took action. The event includes fabulous welcome gifts, a dinner with influential keynote speakers, and community service outings. Tricia asks that all the tournament participants spend time at the O.K. Corral, a home near the hospital for children. Tricia supports women’s golf while simultaneously reminding the athletes that the privilege they have comes with the expectation that they give back.

This level of vision can only be described as sexy!

-Alex Milan