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August 19, 2016

That’s right. You read that correctly. Coates Golf is advising women to not buy “ladies” equipment. As one of our many amazing customers put it, “You wouldn’t take a man’s dress shoe, stick a high heel on it, and call it a ‘stiletto’!”

It’s a challenge. There is a tremendous stereotype when it comes to women’s equipment, so being a company solely dedicated to women’s golf means living on an interesting spectrum.

On one end of the spectrum lives a population of women golfers who hear what we have engineered specifically for them and let out an emphatic “YEESSSSSS! Finally!” Then there are those on the other end of the spectrum who skeptically raise an eyebrow because how could we possibly be any different than what’s already out there for women.

We get it.

It’s tough to believe that Coates Golf equipment is an exception to what has been on the market. That is actually pretty fair given the precedent. You know what we say? Join the droves of women who have moved from that skeptical end of the spectrum to the celebratory. Try Coates.

We golf for so many reasons, but whatever motivates us to take on the game there is one thing that rings true. To play golf, we need clubs. And of course, we think all women golfers should consider Coates. Even if you ignore our obvious bias, it’s not so maverick a thought. Coates Golf is the only equipment manufacturer celebrating that we are solely dedicated to women’s golf.

So don’t buy ladies clubs. Buy performance equipment for women.