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"4 reasons we send you clubs for $1"
August 12, 2016

1…Nothing compares to playing with a club straight out of your bag. Whether you are hitting a bucket of balls or on the course, it’s better to play with a club that you are considering adding to your bag in the “real world”. You don’t have to be limited only to a carpet and hitting bay.

2…Being a little unconventional in an industry steeped in tradition is appealing to us. Turning the tables and giving YOU control of your demo experience suits our “set your game free” mantra. We are solely dedicated to women’s golf.

3…We don’t mind the idea of you comparing our clubs with your existing clubs. Coates equipment is where style and substance finally collide in the golf. Enjoy having equipment that turns heads for the way it looks and for the way it performs in your hands.

4…And finally, we’ll be really candid; nearly 80 percent of the time when someone tries Coates, they buy Coates. It’s that good.

Many golfers come to us confident about which specs they will need from our spectrum of options. If you aren’t quite sure, that’s when Try Coates is helpful. Try a club…or two or three.

Once you determine which specifications within our line work for you (e.g., flex, steel, graphite, length), it is easy to build a balanced bag of Coates clubs. We will work with you and teach you how to find the right fit because we’re Coates Golf, and we’re solely dedicated to your game.